Animal Protective Services

Mission Statement

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Animal Protective Services (CCSO APS) is dedicated to ensuring the welfare and safety of animals within Columbus County. Their primary goal is to protect and advocate for animals, enforcing animal welfare laws and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Animal Adoption Fees:


$135.00 (spay/neuter voucher included if not already spayed/neutered)

501c3 RESCUES:

 $45.00 Spayed/Neutered 

 $25.00 Intact


$25.00 Spayed/Neutered 

$75.00 Intact Females (spay/neuter voucher included)

 $55.00 Intact Males (spay/neuter voucher included)

501c3 RESCUES – $10.00 each

Rabies Vaccines are availiable for $10.00

Please call 911 to report animal related issues dog bites, animal cruelty, aggressive animals. Please call Animal Protective Services Center for all other animal related issues. If your animal is missing, please contact the animal shelter to file a report at 910-641-3945.