Drug Abuse Resistance Education

The D.A.R.E. or Drug Abuse Resistance Education program was added to the Columbus County School curriculum by the Sheriff’s Office in 1990.  There is currently one certified DARE Officer teaching fifth graders in ten County Schools.  The 10 week programs are targeted at County fifth graders, but DARE Officers also visit kindergarten through fourth grades as time allows.

In addition to his time in the classroom, DARE Officer, Deputy Dwayne Barnes presents a variety of programs to church groups and other interested organizations. 

County DARE Officers help students make positive life choices by:

  • Providing accurate information about drugs and alcohol

  • Teaching students decision making skills

  • Showing them how to resist peer pressure

  • Suggesting healthy alternatives to drug use

  • Building self esteem.  

The curriculum focuses on topics such as personal safety, drug use and misuse, consequences of behavior, assertiveness training, managing stress without drugs, and how to make positive use of role models and support systems.

The Columbus County Schools served by the DARE Program:

  • Acme Delco Elementary

  • West Columbus School

  • Chadbourn Elementary

  • Columbus Charter School

  • Columbus Christian Academy

  • Hallsboro Elementary

  • Old Dock Elementary

  • Tabor City Elementary

  • Williams Township Elementary