Criminal Investigations Division

The Columbus County Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of a group of highly trained investigators under the direction of the Division Commander – Captain who is responsible for the overall operation of the division. 

Primary Function

The primary function of the CID is to conduct follow-up investigations of crimes committed within Columbus County.  After a report is taken by a Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputy, reports are reviewed by the Captain or Lieutenant and assigned to criminal investigators for further investigation.

Criminal Investigators with specialized training are assigned cases to investigate based on their expertise.

Case assignments are generally based on the following categories:  Violent Crimes/Homicides, Sexual Assaults, Missing Persons, Financial Crimes, Property Crimes and Juvenile Offenders.

Deputies selected for assignment to the CID are chosen based on the knowledge, skills and abilities they exhibited as patrol deputies and for their desire to do the specific job for which they have applied.  An intensive promotional board comprised of Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Command Staff Members evaluate not only the general knowledge of the perspective candidate, but also their critical thinking skills. Members of the CID receive specialized training to help them develop into capable interviewers and investigators to better assist them with investigating all types of criminal cases.

Core Value

Every case is important to the CID.  The core value of the CID is to take care of the victims and protect the innocent.  When the Investigators are assigned cases, they make contact with the victims and introduce themselves.  It is vital to make sure the community knows an Investigator cares about each of their cases.  Investigators conduct follow-up interviews and discuss the preliminary aspects of each case.  Investigators then begin to examine and explore every aspect of the assigned case and follow any leads that are present.  These leads are often in the form of witness information, physical evidence (fingerprints, DNA, etc.), or apparent methods of operation (MO) based on their knowledge, training and experience.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office CID also works with many other agencies to investigate cases and to share information across the State of North Carolina and the United States.  The CID works with State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies on many high-profile cases and cases involving multiple jurisdictions.  It is extremely important for Criminal Investigators to have great attention to detail in working these cases and all cases.   

Through the diligent efforts of the personnel assigned to this Division we have attacked issues the members of our community have shared with us as being detrimental to the quality of life in Columbus County.  While it is difficult to truly reflect in words the commitment that our criminal investigators put into their assignments, their accomplishments tend to speak for themselves. 

The CID strives daily to help the citizens of Columbus County in any way possible and to collectively do what they can to make the communities in which we live a much better place.