CCSO Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division, directed by the Uniform Services Captain, provides the first line of law enforcement response for the communities of Columbus County.  Columbus County Sheriff’s Office has 4 Patrol Units. 

Capt. D Rogers
Lt. C Freeman
  • Captain = Commander
  • Lieutenant = Assistant Commander
  • First Sergeant = Supervisor – One (1) First Sergeant is assigned to each of the four (4) units
  • Line Sergeant = Watch Commander – One (1) Sergeant is assigned to each of the four (4) units
  • Deputies – Four (5) Deputies are assigned to each unit

Patrol Division Summary

Within the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, 28 Deputies that make up our Patrol Division. This division consists of four shifts that rotate continuously around the clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Patrol Division is our first line of response for law enforcement. The Patrol Division provides services and protection to our citizens, communities, businesses and the people passing through out county.

Each of the four shifts are made up of a First Sergeant, a Line Sergeant, and four Deputies who work an assigned area within the county.

Some responsibilities of a Patrol Deputy are:

  • Respond to calls for service
  • Serve civil papers. Examples: Civil Summons, Subpoenas, Notice of Wrights, Show Cause, etc
  • Serve outstanding Warrants, Orders for Arrest, and Criminal Summons
  • Serve Domestic Violence Protective Orders
  • Generate reports that come in through 911 dispatch or self-initiative reports from Officers
  • Investigate all misdemeanor crimes
  • Conduct escorts for funerals, parades and charity events
  • Serve Involuntary Commitment Orders and transport patients to mental facilities throughout the state
  • Provide additional assistance for local fire, law, and rescue departments within Columbus County
  • Conduct security checks on businesses

In-Service Training

Patrol Deputies receive hours of in-service training on various topics in order to provide a wide range of technical expertise and knowledge enabling them to better serve Columbus County communities.

The Patrol Division:

  • Serves Warrants
  • Serves Domestic Violence Protective Orders
  • Answers Calls for Service
  • Provides Funeral Escorts
  • Performs Other Duties required by the Public