School Resource Officer

The Columbus County School Resource Officer (SRO) program provides Deputy Sheriffs as a School Resource Officers.  The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Team has sixteen (16) members.

  • One (1) Supervising Lieutenant
  • Two (2) Sergeants
  • Eleven (11) Deputies

This is a very successful program; the Officers become a role model to the students and also act as a crime deterrent.  The one-on-one relationship between the students and the Officers allows problems to be solved before they escalate beyond control.  The Officers also work in conjunction with the School Officials to maintain a safe and orderly environment at the school.

The primary duty of a SRO is to provide services for the safety and well being of all students, teachers, staff, and visitors to the school to which he/she is assigned.

SRO duties also include:

Security for school staff and students.

Investigation of reported crimes on school campus.

Protection of school grounds and property.

Insuring a harmonious relationship between the officer and students.

Interacting with students.

Giving law enforcement lectures and related presentations to students.

The Columbus County Schools served are as follows:

  • Acme Delco Elementary
  • Cerro Gordo Elementary
  • Chadbourn Elementary
  • Columbus Career and College Academy
  • Columbus Charter School
  • Evergreen Elementary
  • Guideway Elementary
  • Hallsboro Elementary
  • Old Dock Elementary
  • Tabor City Elementary
  • Williams Township Elementary